Welcome to Financially Obsessed

Welcome to my Blog, Financially Obsessed! My name is Joseph Ziolkowski and I am a regular person just like you. I grew up in central Wisconsin in a middle-class family. Some of my hobbies are fishing, traveling, working out, and teaching people about financial freedom.

More about me professionally, I have my bachelor’s degree in Business Finance from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. I also wrestled Division 1 for the University of Wisconsin Madison during my freshman year of college. I have been a licensed realtor in Wisconsin since 2016 and I have obtained my Minnesota real estate salesperson license in 2019. I am a huge believer in real estate as key tool to build financial freedom. I flipped my first house in college (before and after pictures) and once I graduated, I started my own real estate investment company ZSF group LLC. We specialize in buy and hold, small multi-family rental properties.

The most important thing in my life is my time because that allows me to do the things I want. I am able to spend time with my fiancé, travel the world, and go fishing whenever I want. I want others to experience this as well and I have been teaching friends and family for the past several years about financial independence and steps they can take in order to improve their lives.

This is why I decided to start blogging. I want to teach more people about financial independence and all the things I do, to live the life that I want. I will be blogging about investing, personal finance, home buying/selling, students and finance, and finally credit cards. I’m going to be digging deep into each category and sharing my personal experiences and knowledge with each of them to help benefit my readers and learn from my mistakes and successes.

I am writing my blogs to appeal to the general public. For people who want more out of their lives, for people whose only option is to succeed, and ultimately for people who want their time freedom.

I encourage everyone to participate and leave comments or ask questions. You may have had different experiences than I did, and I would love to hear them. If you disagree with something or really like something, share your thoughts or email me through the contact page and I will address your concerns and comments personally. I truly want to help others in their financial endeavors and encourage them to succeed. If you would like to write guest posts or have suggestions, you can also reach out to me and we can certainly make that happen. All in all, feedback is much appreciated and encouraged, and you can contact me anytime through the contact page.

My overarching goal with Financially Obsessed is to create a community that is different from of personal finance blogs. In 3 months, 6 months, and years from now I want to have an awesome group of people engaging with each other and bouncing ideas around so we all can improve our lives financially.

I am going to be an open, honest, and passionate blogger and I’m not going to try and sell you some snake oil. I am simply here to help, share my knowledge, and hopefully others can succeed and take their time freedom back.

Once again, welcome to Financially Obsessed!

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